Michael "MagicD3VIL" Slíva

A personal web… not so ready yet

Planned Features

  • Report system – Users can report characters to the administrator. Reasons might be for example invalid files, author’s removal request, or NSFW thumbnail.
  • Score system – Users can vote up or down on characters in the gallery. The score will be publicly shown in the character info.
  • Sorting – Users can sort the gallery in alphabetical order, by score or by upload date (default).
  • Tags – Users can create and add tags to their uploads.
  • Search – Users can search for characters using either character names or tags.
  • Comments – Single page for each character allowing comments.
  • Character screenshots – Uploader will be able to choose a few character screenshots to properly show off their character. These screenshots will be then shown when hovering over the character’s image OR on the character’s own single page.
  • Option for the user to choose during the upload if the character has NSFW thumbnail. The thumbnail will then be blurred in the gallery until the user clicks on it, acknowledging that they want to see the NSFW thumbnail.

If you have any feature request or suggestion feel free to leave a comment below

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