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Character Upload

    1. Navigate to Fight Angel Special Edition installation folder located inside your Steam folder. Usually located here:
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fight AngelSE\
    2. To find the character you want to upload, navigate to the PlayerSave folder located here:
    3. Now navigate to the “role” folder (this is where your characters are saved):
    4. Now search for your character in this folder from Step 3. As an example we will use Claudia with realistic body type so we will select the following files for upload:
    5. Now fill in your Nickname into the Author field, tick if the character is using Cartoon or Realistic body type and you are all set. Now you are ready to upload your character!
Select the character’s appropriate body type:

Upload rules

Uploading characters with NSFW thumbnails is prohibited.

Always make sure you have the proper rights to the character you are uploading.

Administrator does not take any responsibility for the content uploaded to the FACS gallery.