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Fight Angel FAQ

Go to your Fight Angel install folder and then navigate to “FightAngel_Data\PlayerSave\role”.
You will need to copy 4 files of your custom character (in this case the character’s name is Kilo).
Copy: Kilo.txt, Kilo0.png, Kilo1.png, and Kilo2.png.
Now go to your Special Edition install directory and paste those 4 files into “FightAngelSE_Data\PlayerSave\role”.

To fix this issue you need to open your character’s save file and edit/add a line that tells the game to use realistic looks for this character.
Navigate to the FASE install directory and then navigate to “FightAngelSE_Data\PlayerSave\role”.
Find your character’s save file that will be named exactly as the character (for example for character name Kilo it will be Kilo.txt) and open it.
If the second line of the file says “bodyType;cartoon” change it to “bodyType;realistic” and save the file.
Else if the second line says “fightType” then move your cursor to the start of the second line and press Enter to move the “fightType” entry to the third line. Then type into the blank second line “bodyType;realistic” and save the file.

For some reason, the developer left some buttons still reserved for debug functions. Simple work-around is typing the name outside of the game and copying it (Ctrl+C) into the name field in the game (Ctrl+V). Not ideal but that’s the only way I know of.

It is located in “Fight AngelSE\FightAngelSE_Data\PlayerSave\PlayerSettings.txt” but the player stats and achievements are stored directly at Steam servers using Steamworks and validated every time you launch the game so if you just want to add infinite money, you can not.

The customization for the default characters is disabled and that takes in effect both character and costume changes. If you want to edit the default characters you can load them in the Customization Editor and then save them as a new custom character.

Go to the FASE installation folder and open your player settings located in “Fight AngelSE\FightAngelSE_Data\PlayerSave\PlayerSettings.txt”.
To reset and fix all default characters find the line saying “isFirst;2” and change it to “isFirst;0”. All default characters should be fixed next time you launch the game.

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